Mindfulness in Work.

What do you want?

Do you want your people to become more strategic, creative and aware?

How can we help?

We enable your staff to become really effective and your company a place people want to work with and for. We help your people become more resourceful, motivated, and resilient.

Who are we?

Sandiar offer something different, an integrated range of leadership solutions that get excellent results. We believe in forming a creative partnership with you to enable us to provide solutions tailored to your organisations specific needs. We provide leadership consultancy services including; mindfulness and wellbeing and mindful leadership programmes, executive coaching, leadership mentoring, action learning, facilitation and leadership retreats.

Mindfulness in work

Here at Sandiar, we have been teaching Mindfulness for 8 years to many companies and individuals as part of our leadership development services.

We have found that our results have more than lived up to the hype and we are now concentrating our efforts more specifically in this area of our expertise.

Mindfulness is about developing awareness in the present moment, enabling you to be more balanced, resilient and focussed. Mindfulness is fitness training for the mind and just 10 minutes of regular practice can create positive brain changes.

Mindfulness can reduce stress and ill health so improving absenteeism. Essentially, mindfulness is the gateway to emotional resilience. It enhances self awareness, creativity, and innovation and extends attention span.

To find out more about how mindfulness can help your company, please get in touch for more information.