Leadership Mentoring

One-to-one mentoring can be especially helpful when managers or Chief Executive’s are first appointed or if they are leading teams but have limited leadership experience. Leadership mentoring enables us to work with you from an objective perspective in the following ways:

  • helping you deal with the complexities of leading a multifaceted organisation
  • working with you to help you devise creative solutions to problems and respond effectively to challenges offering relevant experience and skills to facilitate strategic leadership
  • providing evidence of best practice and model ways of working
  • providing an opportunity to explore ideas and offering constructive feedback and appropriate challenge
  • challenging beliefs and ways of working, looking at underlying issues and patterns of behaviour.

Leadership Facilitation

Our facilitation can create a space for teams and individuals to reflect so they can consider strategy development, resolution of problems and design effective results. Our style is about sharing information and best practice, enabling the exploration of ideas and designing creative solutions.

  • leadership development
  • creating effective, high performing teams
  • board meetings and away days
  • team away days
  • creating a coaching culture
  • developing a coaching style of management
  • change management

Action Learning

Action learning is a highly effective professional development tool. It’s about people learning from other people within a structured, small group context.

It’s a process where people learn from each other about how to work on real issues, develop new and exciting ways of achieving objectives and to find effective solutions to their challenges. Issues can be organisational and personal.

Participants learn about the issues they are exploring and also learn about themselves. The learning comes from using the experience of the other group members. This can provide insightful awareness of group processes and the impact of their interaction with others.

Set members develop their listening, questioning and facilitative skills which they can subsequently apply in their jobs.

A skilled facilitator ensures the process provides a creative environment which engenders a balance between meaningful dialogue, challenge and support. Sets usually comprise between 5-8 people who meet regularly, usually for half a day or a whole day.

The set agree a learning contract and in between sets they take whatever actions they need in order to achieve their objectives. An action learning set can be with colleagues from the same organisation or a mixed set where you can work with peers from different sectors and different professional backgrounds.

They can also be used in conjunction with leadership development programmes.

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