Mindfulness... Works.

It can work for you too

Mindfulness in Work

Organisations are increasingly open to mindfulness because of the considerable research demonstrating the benefits to organisations. The workplace is becoming increasingly fast paced, complex, continuously changing and evolving. To meet these challenges people need to be resilient and adaptable, with the ability to embrace change in a positive way. This requires flexibility, awareness, clarity, and high level emotional intelligence. Mindfulness helps develop these skills.

We need to teach people to work with their minds so they can create workplaces that are more creative, effective, thoughtful and harmonious.

Mindfulness is about developing awareness in the present moment, enabling you to be more balanced, and focussed. Mindfulness is fitness training for the mind and just 10 minutes of regular practice can create positive brain changes.

Mindfulness can reduce stress and ill health so improving absenteeism. Essentially, mindfulness is the path to emotional resilience. It enhances self awareness, self esteem, creativity, and innovation and extends attention span.

Practising mindfulness enhances self-knowledge—we can choose how to use our energy. It helps develop concentration and clear thinking, enabling us be more productive.

Here at Sandiar we create programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation:

  • Taster sessions
  • Attention Training, mindfulness to help train your brain to change your mind-one day workshops
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing in-house staff programmes
  • Mindful Leadership Programmes
  • Mindful Self Compassion workshops
  • Mindfulness and Coaching
  • Mindfulness residential retreats

Mindfulness Training

Are you considering mindfulness training for your company? If so, we could develop programmes that would be specifically tailored to your particular requirements.

Mindfulness can be applied across all areas of work including helping people perform more effectively at all levels and respond effectively to change and conflict resolution.